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Embarrass The Doubters, LLC (ETD) is a company with three divisions: a management company committed to assisting individuals in accomplishing their goals, a T-shirt line for those who dare to dream, and a podcast where people will have the opportunity to share their success (and failure) stories and give others a chance express their struggles and triumphs over the fear and uncertainty surrounding success.


Embarrass the doubters (ETD) is a boutique management firm based in south florida.


With more than 10 years of combined experience in the media,PR, and marketing industry, ETD serves by propelling brands and businesses to the next level.


Our niche in media and public relations, marketing, social media management, and client relations services tends to the specific needs of athletes, entertainers and entrepreneurs. We understand the challenges that come with managing brands, businesses, projects, events, etc. Let us relieve the stress and start working for you, today!

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